Hi! I’m Rae.

My hair changes colour regularly but my eyes stay green.

I’m a parent, tarot reader, and serial procrastinator from the north of England. My personal spiritual journey is relatively new. I created Star Strength to develop my understanding of tarot, explore its messages, and hopefully do my bit to contribute to the collective consciousness of the wider witchy community.

I like: Indian food, TV marathons, social justice, body con dresses, writing to-do lists, red wine, transformation, documentaries about almost anything honestly, nail polish, caffeine, the spooky Snapchat filters.

Why Star Strength? These cards motivate me to be my best self. They’re my potential realised. Strength is my birth card and is also symbolic of my astrological sun sign, Leo. The Star is my ‘lesson’ card, reminding me to check my ego and stay open to messages the universe offers to me (not just the ones I want to hear!).

Shortly I’ll be offering readings for donations. Stay tuned for a link to my upcoming Etsy store.