Sunday Seven: Marching Onward

What a weekend, eh? Solidarity with everybody who participated in action this weekend, and also with those who couldn’t.

If you’ve been wondering how to get involved with activism in the light of recent events, there are some great starting points in these two pieces: How Can I Be An Activist Without Going To A Protest? by Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe; How To Start Fighting for Good in 2017 by Rowan Ellis.

With all that in mind, on to this week’s introspective:


1. What does my ‘oxygen mask’ look like? (An oxygen mask is the tool we use to ensure our own safety before we can help others.)
9 of Swords. I looked to The Linestrider’s Journey for help with this interpretation: “She has forgotten that foxes are nocturnal and that the night is their natural place. Humans often rise to their fullest potential in times of adversity. This is your night; try to embrace it.” Beautiful. And let’s be honest, I could also stand to get more sleep.

2. What resources do I personally have to offer my local community?
7 of Cups reversed. Realism and the ability to turn a harshly shattered illusion into meaningful action. When reversed, the person in this image isn’t helplessly surrounded by falling glass from broken dreams. It looks more like they’re propelling them downwards, purposefully, like daggers. Much more empowering than the

3. How about on a national scale?
Queen of Pentacles. Maybe my deck thought I was from the US, because this Queen has a Lady Liberty vibe goin’ on. Anyway. I should be planting seeds in the garden I wish to see grow; supporting organisations which are working towards the same vision as me, even if only in small ways (as suggested by Vanessa in her Medium article!).


4. Even further afield?
8 of Swords reversed. Reject the blindfold, refuse to be complacent or ignorant. Learn about global efforts to resist fascism and do what I can, even from here, to support and amplify.

5. What comfort can I extend to my peers at this time?
8 of Cups reversed. A reminder that, although we don’t know what’s to come and we travel by moonlight with our own baggage, we are none of us alone in the journey.

6. How will I/we know we’re on the right track?
Page of Pentacles. This card caused me a little trouble. I do notice its composition in contrast with the reversed 8 of Cups. If the same person, they’ve shed much of their load and their clothes, and have begun to stand taller and without shame.

7. What is the first thing I need to do, starting from today?
5 of Pentacles reversed. Sort out my finances and my head.


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