Sunday Seven: Very Superstitious

Friday was the 13th and I don’t mean to brag but, friends, mine was great. Things in general are going pretty well for me, actually!

I don’t know what my relationship to ‘luck’ is. I value personal superstitions and rituals more than traditional ones, I clearly believe in some forms of magic, I don’t know enough about karma to know how it works or what mine’s looking like. I know I believe in free will and in forces beyond my control, and I think it would be an oversight not to give myself a spiritual MOT from time-to-time. With the help of a certain musical legend.


1. The writing on the wall: warnings not to be ignored.
6 of Pentacles. I could be more vigilant with my money, and also give back to my friends and communities more readily than I already do. This is actually one of my resolutions for this year! I appreciate the reminder.

2. The ladder about to fall: immediate threats to be avoided.
4 of Pentacles reversed. Gotta rein in that spending. And I’m going to! After I’ve got my paws on tickets to Hamilton in the West End. I mean, come on.

3. The looking glass: energies you’re projecting, which are reflected back to you.
9 of Wands reversed. I build walls – somewhat understandably, because I’ve been hurt and have cause to defend myself, but I can’t reasonably complain about the solitude I crafted for myself.


4. The good things in your past: nice while they lasted, but it’s time to move on.
4 of Wands. Okay. There was a lovely little few weeks there, where I relaxed and enjoyed the holidays with my family, but now I need to get to work.

5. Rid me of the problem: how to attract better energies in future.
The Devil reversed. Overcome my bad habits and self-doubt! Pretty simple.

6. Keep me in a daydream: the good things that are still here.
Knight of Pentacles. Awww yes, I am definitely ready to do some hard work. I know it’ll be slow progress but that’s the best, most rewarding kind.

7. The devil’s on his way: energies that are approaching.
Queen of Wands. Again? Result! And now, to play us out:


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