Full Moon In Cancer

My nose has been buried in my astrological birth chart recently. I might be preaching to the choir here, given how easily tarot and astrology complement each other, but it’s fascinating to explore the planets and houses in detail. One day you think you’re just a plain old Leo, the next you’re tracking Saturn’s movements through Sagittarius and giving your friend a knowing look because they’re being such a Scorpio moon right now. In news that will surprise precisely nobody who’s ever interacted with me and also has some basic knowledge of signs, my chart is almost entirely fire and water. I know, right?

Interestingly though, none of that water is Cancer. My mother is a typical Cancerian with whom I’ve learned to get along, for the most part. I’ve had – and unsurprisingly lost – a couple of friends with their Sun in Cancer. I just … I don’t know why. I’m emotional but I prefer to turn feelings into action, so I’m confused and sometimes frustrated by people I perceive to be wallowing. And those friends I had were wallowers. Especially in matters of love. Friend, I move on from long-term relationships in the time it takes to drink half a bottle of tequila, I just don’t get the weeks of agonising and moping. Sorry. It’s not something I would ever say out loud to a sad friend, obviously. I will still show up for you and be the friend who wraps you in a blanket and showers you in chocolate, wine, and tacky movies. But it’s because I know that’s the way to usher a Cancer into their Single Ladies phase, when I will rejoice and get the shots in until they get another prospective beau in their pincers — which happens relatively quickly because y’all love love.

So yeah, I could do with learning to let some Cancer energy into my life (and to be more compassionate of their love woes).

Luckily for me, the wonderful Ethony posted this excellent Full Moon in Cancer spread on her Instagram, so all I need to do is ask the cards for guidance!


  1. What in my life needs protecting? 3 of Pentacles reversed. Hmm. I need to keep the little space that I have in this world to myself, my ‘nest’, let it be mine and have the energies I want to maintain.
  2. Where can I be more vulnerable? 10 of Swords. I could stand to do more moping, wallowing, and other moody things I tend to sneer at. It’s okay to feel sorry for myself after a royally shit day.
  3. How can I bring more self love into my life? 4 of Wands reversed. By actively sharing in the shared spaces I have, letting down barriers between myself and my loved ones when we choose to spend time together. It’s okay to be wary and have time alone, but stop letting it disrupt relationships.
  4. What have I emotionally outgrown? Wheel of Fortune. Pretty passivity. If I want to emulate The Magician this year, I must make a conscious decision to reject the “que sera, sera” of the wheel. Though I must remember the Wheel has its place: I can’t control everything, and luck plays its part.
  5. What needs are not being met or expressed? 5 of Wands reversed. Ooooooooh. Gonna blow up and have a scrap with someone, am I? If I do, it will likely be through a misunderstanding or misplaced aggression. I need to think before speaking.

Well. So many reversals. And not the most joyful of cards. If they wanted to prove me wrong about Cancer being the Negative Nancy of the zodiac, this wasn’t the way to do it! (I kid, I kid.) Lots for me to think about and unpack here, and that is exactly why I love the tarot. It’s all about that reckoning and self-development.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!


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