Sunday Seven: New Year, New Start

Thank goodness that’s over.

I’ve never been a person who nails any significance to the concept of a ‘new year’ but 2016 sucked, friends. It was the hardest year of my life and I know I’m not the only one. It’s time for some recovery.

Framing 2017 as a fresh canvas will be helpful in letting me shake off any lingering negativity and surround myself with new, forward-facing energy. I’m excited to do some work, make new friends, and craft a more defined space for myself in the world.

This holiday season has already brought a very welcome new addition: the Linestrider Tarot! I love it so much and will be sharing a deck interview soon. For now, it’s doing its part to help me make sense of where I am and where I can go from here.


1. What was last year’s biggest lesson for me?
10 of Cups. The value of family and community. Did it ever. My family got smaller, as did some of the communities I’m part of. Those of us left behind took our opportunity to recover and grow, not shrink, and to celebrate each other while we’re here.

2. What personal bad habits should I leave in 2016?
King of Swords. Aloofness and pride. When I’m having a rough time, I tend to isolate myself emotionally and pretend I’m doing better than I am. It’s a reflex that will take a lot of practice to overcome.

3. What good or new habits should I bring with me?
Judgement. In the Linestrider artwork, the angel is allowing their mask to slip: “When we are radically vulnerable, we not only work to heal ourselves, we are healing those around us. There is strength and beauty in being soft, and in using that softness as a weapon against a machine that tells us we are too sensitive or emotional. Through this, we learn to give ourselves the space to be mentally ill, sick, sad, depleted, etc. and to learn empathy for ourselves and others.” –Nik Moreno on ‘radical vulnerability’.

4. What external influences from last year should stay there?
The World. When I first drew this I thought, “What? Everything? Huh?” but the passivity of nakedly basking in the universe and all its gifts is a big contrast to the next card I selected.


5. And which energies should I seek out in 2017?
The Magician. See! Purposeful, positive action; I can become an agent of my own destiny, no longer just sitting around and taking what the universe sends my way. Numerologically, The Magician is the card for 2017 and also for me in 2017. I have so many thoughts about this card but I won’t bore you with them today. Needless to say, this card is going to be a big influence in my future, and I couldn’t be more excited.

6. What’s the biggest lesson  I can look forward to learning in 2017?
Queen of Wands. Oh yes, I am so up for becoming a witchier babe this year.

7. How can I get 2017 off to the best possible start?
Knight of Swords. Just do it. Get to work. Go. Now.


Well, there I have it. I’m feeling pretty damn good about the gifts and challenges this year will bring!


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